In September and October of this year, we’ll be in Vermont documenting the struggle in those years to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

If you were part of or eyewitness to this movement in the years 1973 to 1982 we want to hear your story too so that your voice will be included in this history.

Drop us a line at
and we’ll come to your door to record your story.

If you can’t spare time to do a face-to-face interview but you have a story to tell, please read our INSTRUCTIONS on how to submit your testimony to the No Nukes Oral History Project.

Successful social movements don’t happen every day. This story is about a cause that was won. Learning how that happened can help other movements be more successful. In New England this story is part of our regional history. It’s time for the story to be told in the voices of those who made it happen.

The No Nukes Oral History Project is supported by The Fund for Authentic Journalism, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Western Massachusetts. Donations are tax deductible. Help the project continue the work of interviewing movement veterans, transcribing their words, and making these archives accessible free of charge to the public.